Karena kenyamanan ga dateng gitu aja.
Karena selama ini cuma kamu yang berhasil bikin nyaman.
Karena kamu terlalu mudah pergi dan aku terlalu susah melupakan.
Karena kamu mudah dinyamankan dan aku tidak.
Karena kamu mudah jatuh cinta dan aku tidak.
Karena aku selalu takut jatuh cinta.
Dan hanya angin yang mengerti.

Insomnia subuh

You knew.
You knew how to react.
But everything is not going that well.

Yes, it doesn’t stop.
You’ve tried so hard but nothing changes.
Till you tired.
And lack of sleep.

It’s still coming into your head.
Playing back.

You’re fucked.
But it still doesn’t stop no matter how much you cry in the middle of the night.

You don’t want.
You hate it either.
And you’ve been hating yourself for loving ‘em.

You’ve ever love.
And it hurts.
So you decide not to love.
But one day you find ‘em.
You trust ‘em.
You love ‘em.
But as always.
Love hurts.

And you don’t wanna fall in love.

We’re kind of people who hide our own thoughts. We have different way of thinking that not easily understood by others. We’re so hard to trust people. But if we do, we trust so hard. We live in our world where nobody can ever really reach. We close our door for so many people. But we still let a few people in. Like we said, we do trust people even it’s so hard. We may let you in. But still, you don’t know us that deep.